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License Plates on a New Car

August 24, 2012

I Love Michigan !
I just bought my 1986 Jaguar “Vanden Plas” (2-tons of “old geezer” car – leather seats and walnut dashboard) – and I could drive it home WITH NO LICENSE PLATES !!!
Yup – that’s legal and it’s even covered by my other cars insurance.
Can you get more cool than that!

Some legal/technical details:
a) RMV has a 3-day “new car” rule – basically so you can get the car home then drive to the registry.
b) You need the signed (and dated?) title with you to pull this trick.
c) With compulsory “no fault” insurance – it seems the insurance companies have to support this feature too.  No registration, no insurance binder, no plates, nuttin – just you driving with the title in your hot little hands…

Mix that with “right to carry” and dollar-pint nights – oooooh baby


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