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Republican / Democrat Thief Joke

January 25, 2012

I usually try to keep it serious, but this fell across my screen.  Courtesy of Christopher Kimball at Cooks Illustrated (and America’s Test Kitchen and Cook’s Country).  Chris has an occasional “Letter from Vermont” to subscribers which is more personal than the cooking newsletter.

New Year’s brings with it the beginning of the political season, hence this story from the world of Vermont politics. An old-time northeast kingdom farmer, also a stout Republican, went to see the Democratic sheriff to report a theft.

“Yes, sir,” the farmer said, “yesterday I butchered a hog and left it hanging by the barn. During the night someone came along and stole half of that hog and I am sorry to say that it was a Republican.”

“And why,” asked the sheriff, “do you think that it was a Republican?”

“Because,” said the farmer, “if it had been a damned Democrat, he’d have taken the whole hog!”


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